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Upright Go Posture Training Device: With the increasing age, many people face the problem of health, stamina, fitness and many more. There are a lot of people who become the victim of a serious problem that makes them go on the bed. One of these is posture. We know that maintaining a good posture is essential for a good life. Unfortunately, posture problem is very sensitive and common now a day. This is because of the lack of care and fitness.

Upright Posture Training Device
Upright Posture Training Device

Before years, when a person becomes the victim of posture, the doctor suggests them to take full rest and don’t move until it gets back to its position. This situation usually makes them uncomfortable. But now the scenario is different because Upright Go Posture Training Device trains you in making your posture improved.

It is considered as the best and inexpensive way of making your posture right. This device is very helpful for sportsmen, dancers or desk-sitter. Usually working in the office for a long period without any break and sitting at the desk makes your posture out of its position. In this case, the upright posture training device helps them to maintain the muscles in its proper alignment and then you can easily move. 

How It Works Upright Go Posture Trainer?

The first thing to improve your posture is that you need an upright device. Once you get your posture device, download the upright go app which is available on Android as well as iOS. Then set up your app for daily training sessions which is scheduled automatically. The upright go app also helps you to track your progress. Now take your device and place it at your back using the hypoallergenic adhesives.

Hypoallergenic adhesives are strips that are made of silicon. Their strips are reusable and won’t leave any mark on your skin where the device is placed. Once you place the device at your back, you are ready to get trained and tracked. In training mode, you will feel the vibration from the device whenever you slouch. However, you can adjust the sensitivity and power of vibration.

It has multi-sensor technology which also records stats for your training. The sensor of upright posture training device helps you to indicate the alignment of your muscles and give training according to that alignment.  You can enjoy your life if you are healthy and fit. You can improve a lot of parts of your life by making a daily practice of posture correction. The feature of providing both training and tracking mode helps you to get trained and tracked at the same time. 

Upright Go Posture Trainer Review

This amazing device is being used throughout the world because of its Excellency. There are thousands of people who review it and declared it successful. Amongst these reviews, some are mentioned below:

Upright Go Posture Trainer Review
Upright Go Posture Trainer Review


I am a computer engineer and use to work at the desk for more than 8 hours. Sometimes it happened that I don’t take the break because of much work. When I used to go home I feel a lot of pain. Then I came to know that due to posture problems and long sitting, I don’t feel fit. Then one of my friends told me about this amazing device. I just ordered upright GO from Amazon and got it quickly. I just unpack it and used it. Believe me, just using it for 10 minutes of training each day; I got my muscles back in their positions. Thanks to the manufacturer who build this crazy device. 

Albena Bollag

 I am a dancer and practice my dance every day. Once I was at a function when I just performed and came back home. I slept and the next morning when I awoke, I feel that there is a problem with my back. I just came to know that my back is not straightening up. This situation was very awful for me. However, I just searched it on the internet and came to know about a device that can deal with this problem in very little time.

I just ordered and waited. When I received it, I did not believe that this small device can help me anyway. Later I used this device for the first time and believe me that on the first day of training I felt some difference. My posture was at 52% on the first day and when I used this device continuously, I came up to 80% on the fifth day. It’s amazing and I would like to recommend others to use it. 

Upright Go Posture Trainer and Corrector

Upright go is a device that trains the consumer on how to improve the posture. In the training mode, the device indicates the posture level and sends all the data to the app. The app then tells you the exercise needed. Not only this, the device’s sensor tells you whether you are doing the exercise right or in the wrong position. If you are doing wrong, then the device will vibrate. Secondly, the tracking mode is another feature that helps you to indicate your progress in improving your posture. It is difficult to improve the posture without tracking progress because the progress tells the consumer about the position of their muscle’s alignment. 

Benefits of Upright Go Posture

There is no doubt that when you buy something related to your health, you see the benefits of that product. This product has various benefits which make it successful and also worth it. Some of its benefits are listed below:

Benefits of Upright Go Posture
Benefits of Upright Go Posture
  • As we have discussed before that when you place the device and slouch, it will vibrate. Slouching lets your stomach out and in this way, you look fat than actual. This device will vibrate when you slouch and will take you straight when you are sitting or standing.
  • As you will be straight when using this device, you will also be looking active and fresh. You will feel less tired because of sitting straight.
  • This device will make you confident because posture feedback will make your body to adopt an upright posture naturally.
  • Improving your posture can change your look and outcomes. Most people are impressed when they see an active, upright and capable person. Your right posture can attract your friends and family. 
  • This is a truth that when you are not healthy or fit, you feel stress. The problems like posture make you more uncomfortable and make you stress. 

Comparison Upright Go vs Go 2 Posture

The visions of both devices are the same but of course, the features are somehow different. Some of their comparison points are discussed below

  • There is a difference between the weight and dimension of these devices. Upright Go weighs 12 grams while GO 2 weighs 11 grams.
  • The battery of GO can go up to 1-day usage while the battery of GO 2 lasts up to 3 days.
  • The adhesives of GO are long-lasting while the adhesives of GO 2 are 40% wider.
  • There is a difference between the prices of both devices. The price for GO is $99 and the price for GO 2 is $149.

Next Level Posture Training

This device and its app provide the best training which is considered as next-level training. This is because the manufacturer has built this device after a good research and with the help of expert trainers. This device is made with one of the best training modes which help the consumer to recover its posture and live happily. The training which can be getting through this device is according to your sensitivity and fitness. You can still adjust these options if you feel uncomfortable in the training mode. 

Where to Buy Upright Go Posture?

The best way to buy the original Upright GO posture device is to go on their official website and buy them. However, there are some other sources where you can buy this device. These sources also include Amazon. If you buy it from its official website, you can get a discount offer depending upon your quantity. Check out their website whether you can get a great deal or not.

Final Words

This is a universal truth that bad postures are not good and very uncomfortable. This problem cannot be solved alone because this needs some different efforts. We always slouch because we don’t remember to avoid it and this slouch can create a serious problem for you. We slouch even when we are not thinking about it. When we sit on a desk for a long period or when we are driving for long-distances and unable to avoid slouch, then there is only one device that can help you to remember that you are slouching.

This device is Upright GO posture which will vibrate and make you remember that you are slouching. The vibration will help you to sit and stand straight. With this crazy device, you also get the application which trains you to improve your posture through training. If you are a long time sitter, you need an expensive chair or electronic posture police to make yourself straight. Even then you have a chance of missing posture. Instead of this, you can get a device that will help you to be straight.